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At EXELA, we onboard more Keap customers than anyone else in Europe.

So, if you’re looking to get started with Keap, look no further than the team that’s been helping businesses use it to grow and thrive for the last 20 years.

What is EXELA and why should you buy Keap through us?

We’re a Keap premier partner.  That means we’re entrusted by Keap to onboard and look after their customers.

We started in 2000, and in that time, we’ve onboarded 5500+ Keap customers, helping them get to grips with the software and start using it to save time, generate new leads and make more money.

Each year, we train many hundreds of people on using Keap, and are often selected by Keap to train the customers they bring on too.

Our coaching team are highly experienced, with a thorough understanding of sales, marketing and business, as well as encyclopaedic knowledge of Keap, how it works and how to get the best out of it.

Simply put, if you’re choosing Keap, you can’t be in safer hands than with EXELA.

Get your Keap Kickstart for just £99 AND your first 14 days free…

As one of Keap’s premier partners, we’ve got access to the best deals on the software, which means that we can get you the keenest price AND get you more for that price too.

Each Keap customer needs to go through a KickStart onboarding – the software needs to be understood for you to get the best out of it – and while that onboarding will cost you $600 if you buy it through Keap or another partner, you can access it through EXELA for just £99.

Why so cheap?

Simple: we want you to benefit from the software and actually use it, and by making the training really affordable, we’re lowering the barrier and making it easier for you to get started.

We know that when you do, you’ll start reaping the significant benefits that come from the software, and will never want to stop using it.

Plus, we know that if we do a great job with the training, you’ll come back to us if you ever need anything else in terms of coaching, training or implementation.

What do you get with the training?

Your Keap KickStart gives you all the coaching you need to get the very best out of the software, as well as sharing several pre-built templates designed to slot seamlessly into your business.

Via live 1:1 screenshare sessions, your coach will show you how to use Keap, and explain how best to implement it within your business.

This isn’t some 10-minute product demo, but rather a series of in-depth private coaching sessions designed to give you everything you need to hit the ground running with the software.

During your KickStart, your coach will actually help you make significant progress, so that by the time your training is over, you’ll be up and running with Keap and ready to make the most of it.

Plus, you’ll also get 60 days of our Annual Assistance programme for free, giving you unlimited email support, unlimited live workshop tickets and 50% off any additional coaching time you need.

Quite simply, get kicked off by EXELA and you’ll get quickly get EVERYTHING you need to really make Keap sing.

What about the free 14 days?

Your monthly Keap subscription starts at £109.

But for your first two months, we’ll get the bill, which means you can get started and kicked off with Keap for nothing.

Two months is a good length of time to get really acquainted with the software, understand how it works and really embed it into your business, so by the time you start paying your monthly subscription, you’ll be getting plenty of value to make it worth it.

But, if you decide it’s not for you in those 14 days, just let us know and the software won’t have cost you a penny.

How do I get started?

Simple: click the button below, fill in the short form, and we’ll be in touch to schedule your KickStart and get you all sorted.

We’re really excited to help you start making Keap work for your business – click that button and let’s get started now.


Unusual talent

It is very unusual to find a company with exceptional technical skills that also understand marketing. David and his team at EXELA are very practical and focused on using their software to deliver fast results for clients. We recommend EXELA to our clients and very much enjoy working with David and his team.

Mark Creaser Managing Director

Straight to the point

Working with Exela and especially with Andy was great, I appreciated the focused and straight to the point sessions, the super useful recaps and the recordings. It really has been a top user experience. Andy is a great coach, his way of explaining things is clear and his positive attitude really makes you achieve the goals in no time. Working with him is awesome, and the overall experience really positive.

Beatrice Lugano Branding Expert

Absolutely brilliant

Dave and his crew are absolutely brilliant. Sam has also helped me considerably with our campaign. Would highly recommend EXELA if you want Keap assistance.

Rupert Honywood

The best Keap company in the UK

I have been writing copy for EXELA and their clients for a couple of years. When I started I assumed EXELA would be techies, like most of the other Keap partners. However, David and his team are extremely marketing savvy and know exactly what to do to get Keap delivering results for clients.

We recommend EXELA to our clients and I would be happy to speak with anyone who is thinking about engaging with EXELA to deliver Keap.

Seb Greenwood Professional Copy Writer
EXELA is an award winning company

EXELA has been recognised by Keap for its contribution